What is Eco-Friendly Design?

So often, when designing gardens, we are looking at the preferences of the clients, the environmental conditions, and the architecture of the home. If we are lucky, the client has come eco-awareness, that is, they are interested in organics, and sustainability. More often then not however, they are interested but less educated than we. And after all, that is how it should be. We as eco-friendly designers, spend time at conferences, blogging, and reading, so that we are the experts. Our responsibility is to educate the client. They are coming to us for just this reason, because we are trained in the areas of sustainability and design.

Of course, we don’t educate with a cudgel, nor do we shy away from this responsibility. we chose this path because we care, and it is with concern and caring that we present, always focusing on what we all care for in common. The least environmentally aware client wants healthier plants, minimal disease and insects, and an environment that is safe for their children, animals and themselves.

This Blog is launched to explore what this means in our interactions with the client, our considerations in the design process, and to explore eco-friendly in the context of the new debate on what it means to be environmentally friendly.

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